You’ve set your goals, declared your intentions and shared your resolutions with others.  Now the real work begins to create action steps and smart goals to bring them to fruition.

Before you can create those action steps here are seven ways to prepare and help improve your circumstances, your state of mind, as well as your state of being in 2020.

  1. Get Organized

Account for you how you spend your time and energy. Use the 80/20 principle to lean on your strengths and allocate your resources more effectively. Plan for productivity, organize your physical and digital space, outsource what you can, and simplify your life.

  1. Get Going 

As many Americans are becoming less geographically mobile, that shouldn’t stop you from seeing what you want to see of the world. If you want to travel, relocate, change jobs, or become a full-on digital nomad, now is as good a time as you’ll have to make those plans and put them in motion. Artisan Creative can help.

  1. Get Focused 

We are what we attend to. Use your sharp and curious mind to better know yourself, so you can understand what you really want and determine how to get it. Practice mindfulness, hone new skills and stay engaged with a rapidly changing world.

  1. Get Physical 

If you want to feel better, get more comfortable in your body. If you find the right diet and fitness plans and stick to them, the rewards will enhance all areas of your life. At the very least, have a glass of water and get your teeth checked out.

  1. Get Social 

In our culture of hard work and proud individualism, loneliness can easily become a problem. Whether you’re an extrovert, an introvert, or something in between, it is essential that you actively engage with other humans, whether through networking events, in peer and mentor relationships, or by making sure you spend plenty of time with your family and with friends old and new. You will build a strong network and a strong spirit.

  1. Get Grateful

Take time to fully acknowledge how much support you have from the people and things around you. To do this, cultivate a daily gratitude practice and make lists of everything you appreciate. Incline your mind toward opening your heart.

  1. Get Over It

In a viral article, creative director Momo Estrella shares the story of how he transformed his mindset and his life when he changed his computer’s password to “Forgive@h3r.”

You can use the new year as an opportunity to release old resentments – if not for others, then for your own improved well being, you’ll be happier, more productive, and more creative when you are able to let go of anything from your past that’s holding you back. After all, you’ll almost never hear anyone say, “I wish I hadn’t forgiven that person!”

At Artisan Creative, we help creative professionals reach their full potential in life and work, whether that means having more success where they are, or by seizing a new opportunity. Contact Artisan today to learn more and make the new year your best yet. We hope you’ve enjoyed the 551st issue of our weekly