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Anna | Editorial Coordinator | Full-time or Freelance

Anna has two years of administrative experience with leading agencies. She is highly organized and capable of juggling multiple calendars, managing expenses, personal appointments, organizing meetings, and managing operations. She has also managed remote teams so she is familiar with handing admin duties in a COVID-19 environment. She is available immediately.

Benjamin | Digital Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Benjamin has a background as a social media account manager and has worked as both a senior brand manager for social-first clients and a project manager. He has worked on large accounts and led teams of up to eight creatives. His strengths come into play through data-driven marketing client services and social media and social strategy.

Diego | Copywriter / Content Strategist | Full-time or Freelance

Diego has eight years of experience as a copywriter and content strategist and whose passion is helping companies leverage customer data to create more vibrant, engaging copy and assets that generate leads and drive sales. He has worked in technical writing and UX writing for clients in the healthcare and digital agency verticals.

Liam | UX Researcher | Full-time or Freelance

Liam has five years of UX research experience and is currently working at a marketing agency on the experience strategy team. He meets with various clients and works with them on a consulting capacity to evaluate their products, sites, or apps. He conducts competitor analysis, surveys, user interviews, and presents to stakeholders.

Silas | UX Web Content Writer | Full-time or Freelance

Silas is a content manager and editorial strategist with nine years of UX experience. He has a proven record of being able to collaborate with cross-functional leads and stakeholders across all project phases. Silas is well-versed in UX content writing as well as with a variety of CMS platforms. He is available immediately.

Tobias | Digital Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Tobias just relocated from NYC and is immediately available for digital and social positions. He has experience leading a team of creatives, meeting with clients to determine both long and short-term goals, managing major global brand partnerships, and building out a social calendar. He can run paid media campaigns, lead clients, and develop digital strategies for leading brands.

Bella | Digital Marketer/SEO Specialist | Full-time or Freelance

Bella is a digital marketer and SEO specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the legal industry. She is skilled in business development, public relations, marketing, and both internal and external company communications. In her most recent position, Bella maintained the website and wrote all content/copy for a law firm client. She is bilingual in Russian and is familiar with a variety of legal software. She is available immediately.

Kelvin | Content Strategist/SEO Specialist | Full-time or Freelance

Kelvin has 10 years of experience as a content writer and content strategist as well as eight years of experience in SEO for marketing agencies in the legal, medical, and insurance industries. He has written on various topics including personal injury law and outpatient surgery and has collaborated on SEO projects for life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, retirement, and B2B marketing topics. He is available immediately.

Mary | SEO Writer | Freelance

Mary has experience within the insurance vertical working in a hybrid content-SEO position. She was the sole SEO person doing strategy, analysis, content performance, providing sessions to talk about keyword research and incorporate it into the content. On the content side, she writes blogs and social media content. She is certified in Google Analytics (and working on an advanced certification) and Conductor.

Morgan | Strategist/SEO Writer | Full-time or Freelance

Morgan has more than 10 years of freelance writing experience working on web content, blog posts, white papers, e-books, product descriptions, sales/email copy, and developed content strategy plans. Morgan has created content for a variety of brands and Fortune 500 clients in marketing, advertising, journalism, and technology. At one point, Morgan was responsible for all editorial and creative deliverables for more than 50 client campaigns. He is certified in Google Analytics.

Nova | Digital Marketer/SEO Specialist | Full-time or Freelance

Nova is a customer-centric writer who enjoys expanding the communities of technical products. She is particularly skilled at managing complex projects, streamlining processes, and developing corporate communications. With her most recent project, Nova redesigned, restructured, and rewrote the current website of a computer software company with improved navigational architecture, copy, and design changes to align with the company’s brand voice, GTM strategy, and SEO best practices. She is available immediately.

Randy | Senior Content Writer/Strategist | Full-time or Freelance

Randy was most recently working as a senior content person at a large-scale printing company for events and trade shows. He was the marketing department lead and in charge of generating sales via content through videos, white papers, blogs, social, and more. He has strong SEO experience and has also managed teams of up to five people. With a strong background in PR at the director level and is looking for strategic, management, or director-level positions.

Clara | Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Clara has six years of design experience with both agencies and in-house companies. She spent two years working for a data marketing and research agency where she created designs for global brands. She has extensive presentation design experience including work for major entertainment clients as well as branding and marketing projects. Clara is super easy to work with and offers a well-rounded design experience.

Ivan | Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Ivan has spent the last two years working for a mobile company as a lead designer with an emphasis on presentation design in Google Slides. His experience is focused on traditional design across branding and marketing collateral including but not limited to emails, social ads, infographics, iconography, illustration, and landing pages. He is open to freelance and full-time opportunities.

Jason | Senior UX Designer / Strategist | Full-time or Freelance

Jason is a UX expert and strategist with over twenty years of experience, specializing in user-centered design to create high-level user experiences. In his most recent role, as Senior UX Designer, he established and led consistency on UX processes for enterprise-level online applications. Jason also professionally presents UX concepts and deliverables, advocates for the optimal user experience, and facilitates feedback sessions.

Max | Project Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Max is an effective and seasoned project manager with twenty years of experience in the video game and software industry. His involvement includes design, development, production, and bringing-to-market of numerous multi-platform titles. Max has analyzed, reviewed, and documented functionality to determine potential areas of improvement in addition to managing and tracking data engineering department daily stand-ups and task tracking for improved visibility.

Nathan | Creative Director | Full-time or Freelance

Nathan is a creative director with over 15 years of experience with a diverse list of experiential and entertainment clients, where he worked on building brands from the ground up. Recently, Nathan partnered with an experiential creative agency working closely with brands to create and produce award-winning experiences with high levels of ROI within the advertising and events sector.

Thomas | Product Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Thomas has six years of experience in B2B web and mobile applications and nearly ten years working in the financial sector. As the product manager of a real estate company, he led the startup inception phase, led development teams, and excelled in all areas of product management, including UX/UI design, project management, and long-term product strategy.