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Bianca | Project Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Bianca is a seasoned marketing project manager and digital producer with experience in technology, media production, and creative agencies. She is adept at seeing multiple moving parts from a high level, managing teams throughout the creative pipeline process, and scoping complex projects with ease. Bianca has experience as the primary point of contact for all external partners and internal teams working on premium AR & VR experiences across web, mobile, console, and headsets.

Caleb | Video & Motion Artist | Full-time or Freelance

Caleb is a gifted storyteller and a true hybrid between video editing and motion graphics. He can produce and edit videos using animation and motion graphics and manage video production and post-production processes. He has light 3D animation experience, too. Caleb has worked both agency-side as well as at an enterprise-level software company where he spent three years creating client testimonials, live-action, product promos, and managing on-set production and post.

Ethan | Packaging Production Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Ethan has over 20 years of experience as a production designer. He spent the last two years in a production role for a major entertainment agency and prior to that, he was at a small design agency working on toys working mostly on creative production projects across concepts, packaging, and layouts. He is comfortable creating new designs and equally strong in taking existing work and delivering new designs.

Elijah | Packaging Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Elijah is a highly creative, dedicated professional with 15 years of experience in branding, digital, print, and packaging design. He has created award-winning work and published designs across multiple creative disciplines. Elijah is a collaborative team member. In his current role as a Senior Graphic Designer, he manages and mentors small teams, contractors, and freelancers for branding and packaging design.

Julia | Sr Graphic Designer | Full-time 

Julia is a senior graphic designer with 20 years of experience who strives to elevate the consumer experience and promote a company’s brand awareness through the use of creative strategy. Julia is effective at utilizing objective tactics to sell-in concept direction to high-level stakeholders while achieving alignment with cross-functional teams. She is proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud, knowledgeable in 3D illustration development, and is well-versed with both PC and Apple platforms.

Talia | Art / Creative Director | Freelance

Talia brings nine years of experience working with numerous leading brands spanning all areas of graphic design, branding, and art direction. She switched to freelance in early 2016, where she continued to build her enterprise-level client list. Her combined experiences allowed her to build a strong and unique understanding of luxury fashion, tech, beauty, and lifestyle branding while teaching her to keep up with a relentless pace and high standard of work.

Bonnie | Sr Graphic Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Bonnie is a high-performing Senior Graphic Designer with 7 years of experience collaborating with internal teams and external clients to build creative brand designs, conceptualize and execute visual communications, and directly impact the customer experience. She has worked across a broad range of disciplines including social media, environmental, branding, web, app, mobile, print, publications, and more.

Caroline | Account Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Caroline is an experienced sales and account management professional with more than 10 years of experience building long-term relationships with buyers and senior management from the retail industry. She has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams and increasing sales/revenues. Caroline takes a professional and honest approach with customers and is well-connected with major retailers.

Grace | Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Grace has 3 years of design experience with world-class digital and experiential agencies. Recently, she designed and art directed experiential graphics from concept through production for branded events and activations for various enterprise-level companies in technology and eCommerce. Grace is a versatile designer who can do everything from branding and packaging to social, web, and environmental design.

Jack | Web Producer | Full-time or Freelance

Jack has over 4 years of experience as a producer within agencies where he has worked on several notable web deliverables, building and launching projects with developers, designers, and leading client communication. He has a lot of experience producing banner campaigns and rich media in addition to social and strategy for large entertainment projects.

Ava | Brand & Social Media Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Ava is a brand and social media manager with 5 years of industry experience running social media accounts for beauty, health and wellness, and fitness. She has worked for agencies as well as brands. In her most recent role, Ava managed creative, interactions, and copy across all social platforms to drive brand engagement and awareness.

Camilla | Influencer Marketer | Full-time

Camilla is a digital strategist with over 7 years of experience in social media and 3 years of experience in non-profit and social causes. She is an expert in trending news topics including politics, entertainment, music, and celebrity. Her work has focused on strategies for user-generated content, influencer marketing, and viral social campaigns. She is available for hire immediately.

Jose | Copywriter | Full-time or Freelance

Jose is a copywriter with 8 years of experience and has a solid background in creative writing and project management, combining the best of both worlds. He has worked with brands big and small, working on a variety of projects from campaign development and creative direction to scripting videos, crafting tone and voice, and turning data into strategies that stick.

Joan | Creative Director | Full-time or Freelance

Joan is a creative director with a passion for brand strategy, storytelling, and innovation with over 15 years of experience in the beauty, fashion, and luxury industries. She has expertise in creating distinct, elevated, and highly successful brand experiences across all platforms. Joan is skilled in leading large, complex global creative campaigns from concept through execution with interdisciplinary teams.

Rose | Creative / Art Director | Full-time or Freelance

Rose is a results-driven creative with a mind for business, brand, and marketing. She brings over 10 years of experience working with global and start-up brands creating sustainable and profitable brand narratives supported by compelling visual design. She has worked for enterprise-level clients in retail, finance, beauty, and skincare. Rose is strongly committed to building trusted, confident working relationships.

Zion | Data Analytics & Copywriter | Full-time or Freelance

Zion is a detail-oriented researcher, with 16 years as a writer and 11 years in data analytics. He is a motivated self-starter and team player, who excels at using a unique set of writing and research skills to collaborate with sales and marketing teams to develop content that attracts clients around the globe. He is available for hire immediately.