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Aurora | Copywriter and Content Strategist | Full-time or Freelance

Aurora is an accomplished copywriter and content strategist with seven years of experience working for global creative companies in a variety of industries including online media, marketing and advertising, health and wellness, e-commerce, and entertainment. She has extensive experience crafting copy for websites, trailers, social videos, humor, branded content, newsletters, e-mail marketing, brand tag lines, and blogs.

Camila | Marketing Director | Full-time or Freelance

Camila is a versatile brand marketing director with over nine years of experience working with startups to 400+ person companies, on both the brand and agency side. She is a seasoned expert in all forms of online and offline marketing with a specialty in full-funnel marketing strategy, integrated omnichannel campaigns, premium lifestyle brands, accelerated early-stage growth, and leading and managing high-performing teams.

Callie | Brand Strategist | Full-time or Freelance

Callie is a brand strategist who has worked for many global branding agencies and brands. She has expertise in conducting insights and executive-level interviews, as well as research and predictive analysis. She is equally strong in both building the strategy as well as executing the creative and communication strategies. She has experience with B2B & B2C in hospitality, food and beverage, finance, and technology.

Kate | Brand Strategist | Full-time 

Kate is an effective creative marketing leader with over eight years of experience rebuilding corporate identities from the ground up, spearheading strategies, and campaigns to drive revenue growth and propel teams to new levels of success. Her experience is in the digital world where she has helped grow, organize, and rebrand incredible clients propelling them to reach their full potential.

Ronald | Brand Strategist | Full-time or Freelance

Ronald is a brand strategist with experience leading brand architecture and positioning development, creative briefings, strategic roadmaps, market research, user testing, analytics, and client relationship building. His specialties include business development and ideation facilitation, social marketing campaign strategy, and market analysis. Ronald has worked in a variety of industries including automotive, packaged goods, healthcare, hospitality, technology, gaming, financial services, and fashion.

Tiana | Brand Strategist | Full-time or Freelance

Tiana is a brand strategist with a dynamic background in entrepreneurship, 360° marketing communication, and branding. Along with her work in marketing, Tiana also has experience in fashion and social enterprise. Tiana’s broad experience – from working in the startup world and starting her own brands to her experience in managing marketing and ROI, she has an excellent grasp on how to manage holistic growth for a company.

Sierra | Marketing Project Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Sierra is a creative project manager with several years of experience focused on digital project management within fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. She is highly collaborative with a strong understanding of the creative process. She has managed major brand projects with artists and music festivals including landing pages, apps, in-store events, experiential, and social.

Travis | Marketing Project Manager | Freelance

Travis has seven years of project management experience both on the brand side as well as the agency side. He is strong in multitasking and communicating the next steps from marketing, CMS, and vendors and managing creative workflow for multiple clients. His expertise includes managing digital, print, visual projects, scheduling, managing resources, and stakeholders.

Carlos | Producer / Project Manager | Full-time

Carlos is an experienced producer/project manager with over seven years of demonstrated history working on a variety of tasks including production and project management, digital productions and operations, and advertising. He is proficient in several programs, including but not limited to Microsoft Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and Atlassian software.

Venus | Project Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Venus is a marketing project manager of advertising, broadcast and cable television, theatrical and home entertainment releases, top luxury brands, and beauty products within the print, digital, and social media spheres. She is highly proficient at communicating with clients, vendors, and creative teams and comfortable with both national and international campaigns.

Victor | Product Manager | Full-time

Victor has over 10 years of combined product and project management, marketing (online marketing, social media strategy), consulting, business analysis, and business development experience. He has a strong customer focus and stakeholder management skills honed in the technology and media industries. Victor’s specialties include product strategy implementation, connecting with developers, analyzing business processes, and marketing strategy.

Sawyer | Digital Project Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Sawyer is an upbeat and organized candidate who has several years of experience in creative production, digital project management, and media with strong experience in photography. He has Jira experience and is familiar with ad units and asset project management as well as cross-communication between teams for the timely delivery of online campaigns.