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At Artisan Creative, we place talent for freelance and full time positions at advertising agencies, in-house marketing departments, interactive and design firms.
Our expertise is in digital, creative and marketing. We place designers and writers who conceptualize and create, as well as UX and UI talent impacting user experience. Artisan Creative also places project and account managers, digital and email marketers, data analysts, SEO experts and social media talent who execute, evaluate and optimize the work. Addionally we place creative management teams, such as creative service managers, production managers, recruiters and HR staff who lead the team.

We recruit and place Digital, Print, Broadcast and Mobile talent at all levels of experience from junior positions to senior-level executives in the areas listed below.

3D Animator | 3D Renderer

3D Animators create characters, backgrounds and props using computer software, usually programs such as Maya or Cinema 4D. To bring designs to life, 3D animators create textures, modeling and lighting to give the appearance of movement.

3D Renderers take sketches or wireframes of a 3D object and turn it into a 2D model on software such as V-Ray or Autodesk. 3D rendering is a complex part of production where the artist will manipulate the image to give a three-dimensional appearance

Account Director | Account Executive | Account Supervisor

Account teams are skilled communicators and the go-to people for clients. They are responsible for managing a company’s relationship with its clients by setting expectations and planning to ensure objectives are met. They are often the first point of contact and will usually strategize and attend meetings to ensure clients are happy.

Account Manager | Account Planner

Account Managers and Planners build relationships with clients. They don’t direct the account but they do maintain it by keeping deliverables on budget and on track. Account Managers and Planners will liaise between internal teams and clients to keep campaigns or projects on track in a timely manner.

Brand Analyst | Brand Researcher

Brand Analysts and Brand Researchers use market research to develop campaigns or new products and services for in-house companies. They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to consumer trends and identify ways to launch a product into the market while ensuring it is in alignment with the overall brand image.

Brand Manager | Brand Planner

Brand Managers and Brand Planners are focused on brand positioning. They know who to target and where to target by being responsible for a brand’s identity within the market. They know exactly what consumers want and how to build a relationship between them and a product.

Brand Strategist

Brand Strategists work with Brand Managers and Planners to help bridge the gap between how a company wants to be seen and how the consumers actually see them. They ensure that consumers understand the product by getting to know their target audiences up close and personal.

Broadcast Producer

Broadcast Producers are responsible for the production of your favorite TV shows and the smooth running of shows behind the scenes. They manage scheduling, scout for locations and talent and ensure shows run from concept to completion without fault.


Compositors are the final piece of puzzle when it comes to animation. They take layers of images which have previously been constructed (see 3D Rendering) and combine them to create a final image.

Content Strategists

Content Strategists define the strategy of content for a brand or business (written or other media) based on goals and business objectives for their customer. They plan, develop, and manage content and can focus on either front-end strategy or on back-end strate