You did it! You landed a new role and get to move forward in your career and reach new goals. It’s an exciting time and you deserve to enjoy it. Don’t spoil it by making a mistake on the way out the door:

  • Tell your manager. In-person, not via email, phone, or social media. Make an appointment and plan what you will say. Express appreciation for the experience you gained in your position. Even if it wasn’t a good fit, you learned something. Say something nice. And don’t tell anyone else first. 
  • Give at least 2 weeks’ notice. If you need a break before starting at your new job, negotiate your start date rather than trying to shorten your stay at your current job. Some companies may ask you to leave right away, but most would prefer an easier transition.
  • Keep the details to yourself. You can tell your colleagues all about your new job after you start and your relationship has changed. Your departure is probably causing enough disruption to your co-workers. Save your social media announcement for your first day of work.
  • Be positive. Not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have been unhappy in your current role. Choose not to talk about the negatives and stick to what you gained and hopes for the future.

The temptation to “shake the dust of this crummy little town” off your feet can be great, but remember you are going to get to “see the world.” In just a couple of weeks, it will indeed be a wonderful life.

Wendy Stackhouse for Artisan Creative