There are lots of wonderful things about freelancing and telecommuting:

But the benefits don’t stop with you—freelancing can benefit the planet as well!

As we approach Earth Day 2013, have you thought about how to minimize your carbon footprint as much as possible when working from home?

  1. Choose a location with natural light—You will feel better and more energized as well as use fewer watts.
  2. Print only when necessary—I love having hard copies of research to work from, but printing uses paper, ink, and electricity. Open up another window—on your screen and in the room.
  3. Lower your brightness—Do you need your laptop screen at maximum? Before you start a project, consider what you really need. Even when you’re plugged in, you can save energy.
  4. Unplug chargers—If you’re like me, you have a charger in every room. Now that so many small devices use the same plugs, we have enough to put them everywhere. But every minute they are plugged in they are using precious energy. Scatter chargers all over, but only plug them in when you need some juice.

You’re already saving gas by not driving to work, eating locally sourced food you cook yourself, and saving money on a smaller work wardrobe. But there is always more we can do to save energy, money, and the earth!

Wendy Stackhouse, for Artisan Creative