Even if you’re actively looking to leave your job and are suddenly faced with an attractive counteroffer, you better thing twice before saying “yes”. If accepted, a counteroffer – usually presented by a client in sheer panic mode – could change more than just your salary.

Here are a few things to consider first:

Your intention may now be in question. Your work relationships are forever changed. No longer considered “part of the team” – it’s more than likely you’ll lose your standing within the organization. Once a top performer, you may now be constantly overlooked for promotions, new clients, projects or awards.

You could find yourself out of job. If you’ve tried to leave once, the company might assume you will try to leave again. Not wanting to be left in a lurch, your employers could start recruiting your replacement or make you the first to go when layoffs or cutbacks arise.

You might have trouble advancing your career further. If it took you this much trouble just to get a raise and/or promotion, chances are you probably won’t have the opportunity for another. At least not any time soon.

You may not be employable at the competing company in future. If you entertained a competitor’s offer, only to turn them down for your current company, most businesses will not consider your candidacy in future – when you actually do want to leave. The same could also be said for the recruiter you worked with if you partnered with a third party agency.

You may start to question your fulfillment in your current job. If you took that recruiter’s call to begin with – there must have been a reason. If you weren’t happy with your salary, maybe there are other things you don’t like about your job. Furthermore, if things in your office have changed since accepting the counteroffer, perhaps now you really are unhappy in your role. Now you actually have to find, interview for and land an actual job you do want. More time and effort you may not have.