Recently I found my days slipping away far too fast and at the end ofeach day wondering “where the time went”. I wasn’t sure how to mentallyslow things down. At least with our body, we can be intentional incontrolling our tempo by adjusting to what we need to be doing at anygiven time: like the difference in pace between sprinting and running a marathon. I found that slowing my (at times very active) brain wasnot as easy.


Often we push our body to a point where we hit a peakand then allow for recovery time. If we don’t listen to our body, ithas a way of reminding us the next day, and now we have to slow thingsdown a bit to adjust. After thinking about this for a while, what cameto light was the importance of taking a similar mental break from a busyday through reflecting. By taking short breaks and using that time toreflect on what is important and giving the mind a chance torecalibrate, I end up having more mental energy for what I am going todo next, (like finishing this blog in a timely manner).


The few core areas I choose to reflect on:

  • What I just completed
  • Did it bring me closer to my goals
  • What I am most thankful for right now
  • What’s the one small thing I can do today to help someone else succeed

How much time do you spend reflecting and how do you feel after that break?


Jamie Douraghy – Founder at Artisan Creative