When you are looking for the perfect role, you know you have a process to go through.  Maybe even several times.  Whether you have target companies or are deciding where to apply based on location, salary, or benefits, research is incredibly important. But all the research in the world won’t tell you which companies just have a more intense process than others.

Or will it?

A study published recently at Glassdoor.com revealed a list of the “25 Toughest Companies for Interviews” and we were unsurprised to see quite a few tech companies on the list.
How are tech company interviews different?
According to Scott Dobroski from Glassdoor, they are “intense” but that the process moves more quickly, taking between “one and three weeks.”  They also tend to ask more technical questions. Dobroski also said many candidates were recruited from LinkedIn, so there’s another good reason to make sure your LinkedIn Profile is working for you.
What tech companies are on the list?

6. ThoughtWorks

9. Google

10. Unisys

11. Rackspace Hosting

12. Cypress Semiconductor

14. Bazaar Voice

18. Juniper Networks

19. Sapient Corp.

20. Stryker

23. Headstrong

24. Facebook

25. Amazon

A recruiter like one of our team at Artisan Creative can help you get and prepare for difficult interviews. Your recruiter knows more about the company than you will form your own research (although don’t let that discourage you) and may even know some of the questions you may be asked. A great recruiter is also a great coach and definitely streamlines the process of getting your dream job and finding her client the perfect talent.
Wendy Stackhouse, for Artisan Creative