Along with being helpful for those seeking employment, LinkedIn can be an effective part of your company’s marketing, networking and recruiting plans. You may or may not be using LinkedIn to its greatest advantage and a recent addition to LinkedIn’s capabilities could help you do so.

Although you cannot have your Twitter posts automatically forward to your LinkedIn Profile any more, you can use your Company’s LinkedIn updates to become a better influencer in your industry and increase your clout—or even your Klout!

Target Your Audience

Whether you are posting links to your company’s blog (you have a company blog, right?) or open jobs, or even announcing awards and important events, you want those updates to get to the people who are genuinely interested in them. Now you can.

Under the Update box on your Company page, it says “Share With:” and gives you the options “All Followers” and “Targeted Audience.”

If you click on “Targeted Audience” and explore the information you find, you will discover which groups you can target. Each group needs to have a minimum of 100 members to qualify for a Targeted Audience post.

For example, Artisan Creative can send Targeted Updates to the Arts and Design, Marketing and Media and Communication industries, among other demographic groups. Isn’t that nice?

So if you are following Artisan Creative on LinkedIn and you start noticing that our updates are always relevant for you, we would be really happy to hear that.

We will keep up to date on the changes to the social media channels used by both job seekers and companies looking for talent so check back often to the Artisan Blog. Or even subscribe to our RSS Feed!

Wendy Stackhouse, for Artisan Creative