International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8th and celebrates achievements by women in business and across all areas of society. IWD is also a chance for reflection, for focusing on and encouraging diversity implementation in the workplace, and to increase opportunities for mentorship and peer support among women in the business world.

Here are a few ways we plan to celebrate International Women’s Day this year.

Celebrate Success

We believe it is important to take this time to be grateful and inspired by the tremendous success and remarkable inroads that women have made into the realms of business and entrepreneurship. In the last decade, entrepreneurial women have worked both smart and hard to leverage the economic boom to launch numerous new ventures across multiple sectors. 

According to recent research, women-owned business enterprises are now generating more than $1.6 trillion in revenue and employing over nine million people. This creates a more robust opportunity for women to support each other in the workplace. One that has never before existed in U.S. history.

Support Professional Women and Women-Owned Businesses

Artisan Creative is itself a women-owned business. Sharing our experiences and connections has provided us with many opportunities to enrich our community, especially when it comes to helping other women-owned businesses find their footing and utilize all the resources available to help facilitate their growth and success.

If you are interested in obtaining a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certification, or in providing others with the specific steps they can take to get one, our own president, Katty Douraghy has shared the process in detail.

This is one example of the knowledge and experience that Artisan Creative shares with professional women and women-owned businesses.

Break Through Taboos and Challenge Social Norms

In the modern era, women are ascending to positions of global leadership at an unprecedented rate.  However, even in this new and more empowered time, unique challenges remain for professional women on their path to success.  So that we won’t have to face these challenges alone – let’s work towards creating a platform of support for professional and entrepreneurial women that can make things smoother for all of us.

The Emotional Financial Intelligence Coach Anne Beaulieu offers some advice and insights on “embracing the new normal” and supporting ourselves, and each other, in an era of new and exciting opportunity and change.

Discover What You Can Achieve

At Artisan Creative, we have a long track record of helping professional creatives and creative businesses understand and harness their unique strengths to open new avenues to success, become more involved in thriving and supportive communities, and get more from their careers, their ventures, and their lives.

Contact Artisan Creative today to learn more. We hope you’ve enjoyed the 554th issue of our weekly