Q.  What do you do for a living?
A.  I’m a Web content copywriter.  A writer/producer, really.  I do some screenwriting.  But I’m sort of a writer/print designer hybrid.  I have an art gallery opening this weekend.  And I know CS5 really well.  Also, I’m an artist/electrician.  A plumber/horse-wrangler.  I can pretty much do whatever you need!  Find me a job!

In the creative services industry, a talent manager views and reviews hundreds of resumes each week.  Some resumes are clean and coupled with bold portfolios.  Other resumes are all over the place.
So, let’s get right to the point:  If you’re looking for work, pick your top two areas of expertise and stick with them.  Wear them on your sleeve.  In your cover letter/email, state exactly what you do best.  In your resume, do the same.  On a phone call, tell me exactly what you do best and NOT what you’re CAPABLE of doing well.  

In delivering your message succinctly and repetitively, I will be able to know what you do, and consider you (possibly hire you!) again and again – as long as your work history is solvent.  If the position I’m looking at is not for you this time, we’ll know it right away…But, if our conversation is good, we’ll remember you in the future.

Not good: 
Do you remember that guy, Greg? 
He’s the one with the marketing background, but he’s trying to get into AfterEffects and Maya.
Well, what is it that he’s actually doing now?
I’m not sure.  I don’t think he really knows either.
Who else do we like?

Do you remember Scott?
The HTML/CSS coder?
Call him.  He’d be a perfect fit!

We remember the talent who specialize in something and do it well.  And we would remember Greg, too, if he’d just figure out what he’s good at and focus on it.

Here are some example skillsets that work well together:

  • Maya/After Effects
  • Web Content Writer/Blogger
  • Broadcast Producer/Agency Producer
  • Corporate Communications Manager/Internal PR Manager
  • Print Designer/Graphic Artist
  • Traffic Manager/Print Production Manager

And so on . . .

So, when you looking for work – remember:  I don’t need to know everything you’ve ever done.  I need to know precisely what you’re best at doing.

Kevin Kahn
Talent Manager