I once read that if you do something 10,000 times – you are an expert. So with 25+ years of successfully helping make matches between companies and candidates, Artisan Creative is well on its way to becoming an expert!

One of the favorite parts of the job is preparing people for their interviews.  Since not everyone has had the opportunity to work with a recruitment professional, I thought it would be valuable to share some keys pointers I’ve learned over the years.CONGRATULATIONS!  You got the interview….now what?

Do some research!

I am often surprised to hear stories of how candidates have shown up unprepared…Regardless of the position, everyone must do the research!

Here is what I suggest:

  • Read the company’s website! You need insight into their culture and values, this is the best place to get it.  Pay attention to the ABOUT US section.  Do they have a Twitter or Facebook fan page?  Make sure you know how they do what they do and where they are in the marketplace.
  • Research the people that you are meeting with.  You are not stalking them – just simply finding out more about them!  Maybe there is a common background or interest that you share and can feel comfortable about bringing up.  Use common sense though – don’t bring up anything that could be sensitive or too personal!  The most effective tools I use include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Bing.
  • Check out the company’s location.  I like to use Google Maps.  See what companies, businesses, and other venues are nearby.  Get a sense of their surroundings – as it could help you figure out what life working with the company might be like.
  • Write down talking points to bring up during the meeting.  This complements all the research you do.  Just the fact that you did some research could make a big difference in you getting the job.

I hope that this helps to prepare you for your next interview!

Carol Conforti for Artisan Creative