New Year. New Resolutions.

While some would say resolutions are just an unattainable goal we set in January and forget about by February – at Artisan we believe having goals (and helping to hold each other accountable for reaching them) is critical for success.

Each month – we set and focus on achieving goals that are vital to our business. We report back regularly and help to motivate each other to achieve them.

So the idea of a personal goal for the year makes perfect sense. When we asked about everyone’s New Year’s Resolution, not only did the team all have a goal in mind, but most had a plan to help them achieve it. Now they have all of us to hold them accountable, too.

We’ll check in at the end of the year to see how everyone did!


  • Kevin, Talent Manager – Learn how to play the piano – possibly starting with Travie McCoy’s Billionaire.
  • Katty, Managing Director – Learn Spanish. I even signed up for classes. They start next week – every Thursday night!
  • Stephanie, Accounting – Establish a daily and weekly routine. And stick to it.
  • Laura, Talent Manager – Lose 30 pounds and get my glucose and cholesterol levels back to normal.
  • Wendy, Consultant – I want to knit something for my cousin’s twins every time I knit something for someone else (or myself ) all year. First up – blankets!
  • Carol, Sr Account Manager & Recruiter – I want to plan out my weekend activities ahead of time and start lifting weights.
  • Maggie, Account Manager – I don’t want to forget a single birthday for my friends and family and want to send a card or gift to each person to let them know I am thinking of them.
  • Jamie G, Creative Recruiting Manager – Put together a few photo/memory books with our thousands of digital photos.
  • Jess, Marketing & Project Manager – Expand my culinary expertise by trying at least one new recipe each week.

What’s your resolution?