There are still 6 days left of Olympic events and plenty more to watch.  Right now we are watching the US Women’s Volleyball Team in their Quarterfinal match against the Dominican Republic and it is very exciting!

However, our very favorite sport, Fencing, has finished all of its events and so the Artisan Blog is going to soon go back to our regular topics: entrepreneurship, freelancing, job search, and how to find the perfect talent. We learned a lot about fencing–and about determination–watching the events and we would like to share that with you.

Our Fencing team did not do as well as they wanted, certainly, but they did accomplish a lot, especially against teams which have had successful training programs for decades longer than the US team.

But there were some incredible moments!

The Women’s Epee Team won the Bronze Medal!  Go, ladies!

In Men’s Individual Epee, Seth Kelsey defeated the #1 seed in his Round of 16 and finished 4th overall, congratulations on a heroic effort, Seth!

We are very proud and happy to have sponsored US Epee Fencer Soren Thompson in this Olympic Games and salute his achievement, his commitment and the inspiration he brings to all of us to work hard, be prepared, and do our very best!

I came across this video asking the US Olympic Fencing Team for the best advice they ever gave or got and their answers apply to anything challenging that any of us might attempt.  Please take a few minutes to learn from these amazing athletes!

  • Set a high bar and believe in yourself
  • Take it one touch at a time
  • Keep your head down and keep working hard
  • Strive for success and have fun
  • Learn to take a loss and find a way to make it into a positive
  • Trust yourself and take responsibility for what you need to do
  • Work on the process
  • Enjoy it or you won’t be as creative
  • When you are at a low point, there is always a high point coming
These pieces of advice are good for any endeavor, whether starting a business, learning a skill or fulfilling your role with a company.
Congratulations to all Olympic Athletes from around the world!  See you in Rio!
And we just won volleyball!!  Congratulations, Team USA!
Wendy Stackhouse, for Artisan Creative