As I roam the internet, over and over again I come across articles about how unhappy people are in their jobs. I’ve written some blog posts about it before myself:

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Eliminate the Negative

No one is happy all the time, even if they are in their dream job.  But there are ways to make happiness more frequent, more likely, and more accessible if you can put aside fear and seize that happiness. Here are a few ways that work for me:

    • Be in the moment – Right now, right this minute, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear? Probably not much. Most of what makes us unhappy is the anticipation of bad things happening in the future. Be here, now, today. Even at work, being in the moment can bring on a sense of gratitude and change your outlook.


    • Change – Change is both constant and inevitable. Try not to hold on to that moment we talked about, let it be, and let it pass. Fighting change, fearing change, can only stop us from growing, evolving, and learning. Adaptation is essential to success, especially in your career.


    • Impress Yourself – As opposed to those around you. Surprise yourself with what you can do by trying everything that you have the opportunity to try. I have had no more satisfying experiences than when I feel I have achieved the impossible. I don’t need someone else to tell me so to feel that satisfaction, it’s all mine. Is your boss asking for a volunteer to take on something new? Go for it!


    • Don’t Complain – The language we use is not just an expression of our feelings, it affects them. Complaining makes you feel worse, which makes you complain more. When you hear yourself complaining, stop, and think of something good to say about the same situation. There must be something! Train yourself to focus on the positives and not feed yourself the negatives.


  • Don’t Panic – Douglass Adams’ motto is mine as well. Panic does not serve us, it never improves our judgment and it often makes us do the wrong thing without thinking. Count to 10, take 3 deep breaths, whatever helps you become calm before you decide how to react. If you have an unfortunate manager – a bad boss – it is essential to have the ability to consider how you will deal with them before responding.

Everything outlined above is a change in your behavior, not in your feelings. But your behavior can help change your feelings from negative to positive and give you room to be happy. I believe in you and so do the people in your life who love you. Put aside your fears and seize the day!

Wendy Stackhouse for Artisan Creative