After an odd experience with someone in my network last week, I found myself thinking about appreciation–both as a recipient of the generosity of others and as I try to be helpful myself.

When we are immersed in a job search, we are always hoping that the next call, the next email, the next job application will be “the one,” the perfect fit. And we also hope that our friends and colleagues will give us a leg up or even a recommendation when the time comes. My question on this day after Administrative Professionals Day: do we appreciate it properly?

  • Do we take the time to say thank you?
  • Do we offer our own help in return?
  • Do we let them know what the result of their help was?
  • Do we offer help to others and pay it forward?
  • Do we remember?
  • Do we treat every offer of assistance in a professional way, even from friends?
  • Do we take the time to feel real gratitude within ourselves?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed on a job search and let things fall through the cracks. But knowing when you are overscheduled will help you decide when to reply to that message saying “Yes, I can!” and when to let an opportunity go. Time spent feeling and expressing gratitude is never wasted.

Hope you had a great day yesterday, Administrative Pros! We appreciate everything you do!

Wendy Stackhouse, for Artisan Creative