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When pressure is on to get something done, how much time do you put into thought vs. falling into knee jerk reaction mode?

Withtoday’s expectations on having everything handled rapidly; from quickdecisions, to abbreviated texts and those cryptic emails that seem to beburning up our mobile devices until we respond, we risk paintingourselves into uncomfortable corners.

I believe that putting somethought at the forefront of our decision making/ability to rapidlyrespond, will help slow things down.  Asking a few discovery questionsbefore jumping right back in and executing, will help separate theimportant from the urgent:

Why is this important to me, and who else will this impact?

Does this need to be done right now?

Why am I choosing to go down this path?

Have I thought about the outcome, or am I just adding fuel to the fire?

Doyour best to overcome that internal pressing desire for momentarysatisfaction that comes from responding, before considering what thatresponse could lead to. 

When you’ve deliberated the possibleoutcomes, move forward with more self awareness and confidence since youhave put time and thought towards achieving your desired outcome.

What mindset do you employ to generate thought before action? 


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