As creative recruiters, talent are always asking us about the best way to stand out from the countless applications we receive. While a well-written cover letter or introduction email is a good start, job seekers need to do more to make sure their background and skills are being properly considered.

Here are a few tips to get our attention:

1. Be concise. What’s your elevator pitch? Present us with one short and sweet paragraph about why you are perfect for the job to which you are applying. Not too much, not too little. Tell us how your experience specifically applies to job requirements. This not only makes your history more appealing but also makes it easier for us to place you.

2. Do NOT bury the lead. If you have a degree from a well-known school, have won credible industry awards, or worked with top brands – hit us with that right upfront. Don’t make us wait until the bottom of page 2 on your resume!

3. Follow up. Email us every couple of weeks or so to say, “Hey, just wanted to remind you that I am available for work. I’m an art director looking for $45/hr and available to drive anywhere in Los Angeles County. Here’s my website.” This helps keep you top of mind with our company and helps us better serve our clients when we know what talent are available.

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Kevin Kahn, for Artisan Creative