When we first started writing about LinkedIn, we talked about asking people in our network for Recommendations and especially the value of volunteering in getting Recommendations for your Profile. Recently LinkedIn made it easier for your network to recommend your work through a simpler process: Endorsements.

Endorsements offer an easy one-click way to agree that someone in your network has a particular skill. Where Recommendations take time and thought to do well, as well as careful consideration of not only whom to ask, but whom to recommend, Endorsements are easy to give and nice to receive.

If you haven’t logged into LinkedIn recently, you will see a popup box like this:

Click on the Endorse button and that’s it!

Keep in mind that you should only endorse people in your network for skills that you know they have because of your experience with them and if you are unsure, wait.  The same endorsement opportunity will come by again later.

When you click on Endorse, LinkedIn will repopulate the box with more people and skills for your perusal.

There is no word yet on whether Endorsements are enhancing the job search process or whether hiring managers are checking Endorsements when culling out candidates, but additional positive information in our Profiles can only be a good thing.  Happy Endorsing!

Wendy Stackhouse for Artisan Creative