You get the email invitation for an interview with your dream company!  First, give yourself a high-five, and then start planning!

Be sure to check out our blogs on interview prep as well as mastering the phone/video interview.

And then think about a few questions to ask the interviewer to help you learn more about the company and the role for which you are interviewing. The answers to these questions can provide you will solidify for you whether an opportunity is the right match for you.

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If you need help with the type of questions to ask, below is a list of questions we’ve gathered over the years.  Pick one or two of these and make it your own to ask during the interview to continue the conversation and learn more about the opportunity.  Good luck!



Questions about the Role / Position / Department
•    How would you describe the work environment?
•    Can you describe a typical day?
•    Can you share more about the department and the team I would be working with?
•    How do you envision this department in 6 months / 1 year / long-term?
•    How large is the department (how many designers, marketers, etc.)?
•    What is the hierarchy/org chart when it comes to decision-making in my dept?
•    What have been some of the most exciting projects we’ve worked on?
•    What was your personal favorite project here?
•    What are your expectations for this position?
•    What is the growth potential of this role?

Questions about the Company Culture / History
•    Can you share more about the company culture?
•    Can you share more about the company’s history and/or clients?
•    What is the hierarchy/org chart when it comes to decision-making in the company?
•    How would you define the management philosophy of the company?
•    How do you envision the company in 6 months / 1 year / long-term?

Questions about your Skills / Qualification
•    What is most important for you in this position in terms of skills and qualifications?
•    What qualities do you feel someone needs to be successful in this role?
•    What are the metrics for success?
•    How is success defined?
•    What in particular in my background made you feel I was a good fit for this position?
•    What do you foresee any challenges for me in this role?

At the end of your interview, don’t forget to ask one of our favorite questions which is “Do you have any reservations about my qualifications?” This is your final chance to sell yourself one last time and also iron out any concerns the interviewer may have about your experience.

Do you have any go-to interview questions you like to ask? How do you prepare for your interviews?