Why does it become hard to let go of some things? 

Fromthe “Don’t do that!”, to “Watch out!” and the “No”s, that were fed tous on a daily basis as children; to what is pushed at usvia numerous information outlets, fear often becomes deeply ingrainedwithin our survival instinct. An instinct that is always on to save usfrom ourselves, is what makes it hard to let go.

Over the years wetend to hold on to a collection of “fears” that accumulate over ourlifetime. It’s only when we let go of these “fears”, that we moveforward and actually do the things we enjoy the most out of life. So thechoice comes down to holding on to what’s keeping us back, or findingthe courage to get uncomfortable and let go. 

I recently had lunchwith a cousin who’d just gone skydiving, even though she was afraid ofheights. Once they were at 12,000 feet,  she wasn’t going to go downwithout a fight, as she defiantly stood her ground. Finally, herinstructor took control and out they went. As she screamed (first infear and then in joy) all the way down, she realized that she has losther fear of heights and with a big smile across her face they glideddown with tranquility, their chute spread wide open.  

Since Ioften drive down to see her, and now that she was fearless, I asked whenshe would next come up to see me and she answered: “We’ll I’m a littlebit afraid of driving around on your LA freeways!”  

How do you let go of what’s holding you back?

Jamie is the founder of Life Work Integration,a process that integrates passion with purpose and vision. You canreach him at jamie@lifeworkintegration.com & via Twitter @jdouraghy