Hard to believe another Autumn is upon us and the beginning of the holiday season already here. 

This Thanksgiving our team is especially grateful for so very much:

Jamie D: This year I am most thankful that I have been able to collaborate with people who are focused on making a difference in the success of others.

Jess: I am most thankful for the love, support and health of those family members and friends who mean so much to me. 

Ana: I am grateful for the realization that I can begin again in every moment – drop the past and BE present!

Margaret: I am most grateful for having such a loving husband who is so good to me!  I am also thankful for my mom who is 82 and for the most part healthy and happy.

Stephanie: I am grateful to be working with Artisan!

Laura: I am grateful for my family and health…might seem cliche, but it’s so true!

Kevin: I am thankful for massive snowfall at Heavenly (and Mammoth), getting to work with reasonable & ethical partners, my dogs, being able to so easily describe myself as “short and bald with glasses”, my always-accommodating and welcoming immediate family and extended family all over the USA and Black Label.

Katty: I am thankful for the Love and Support of Family and Friends.  Definitely came in handy this year!

Wendy: This year I am most thankful for the support of my friends and family.  I made a lot of decisions that were very risky and they have all worked out beautifully, but I never could have arrived where I am without the inspiration, encouragement and acceptance of the people in my life.

From all of us at Artisan – we wish you and yours a very Happy (and tasty!) Thanksgiving Holiday!