Our annual Thanksgiving holiday blog celebrates and shares our collective gratitude for health, family, and friendship as well as gratitude for our clients, candidates, and teammates.

In addition, the Artisan Creative a.team has compiled the following 22 gratitudes:

Grateful for being happily employed and working with a fabulous group of people.

Grateful for relationships (both personal and business)

Grateful financial stability

Grateful for my five-minute journal

Grateful for reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Grateful for eternal love

Grateful for coffee!!

Grateful for California’s weather

Grateful for our pets, who are the best WFH companions

Grateful for spending more quality time with my family and seeing them more this year

Grateful flexibility and longevity with Artisan Creative

Grateful for releasing my audiobook

Grateful for the good health of our parents as they age

Grateful for morning walks

Grateful for traveling again

Grateful for sunrises

Grateful for democracy

Grateful for technology that keeps us connected

Grateful for the time saved on cooking by using my air fryer this year

Grateful that meditation and journaling practices helped me stay level-headed through trying times

Grateful for the balance my partner brings to my life

Grateful for 26 years of Artisan Creative


Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

We are grateful for you and wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!