Each Thanksgiving holiday season, we gather and share our collective gratitude and celebrate our clients and talent whom we work with all year.

Here is the 2021  gratitude list  from the Artisan Creative a.team:

  • Grateful for overall Good health – health is wealth!
  • Grateful for the love of family.
  • Grateful for being happily employed and working with a fabulous group of people.
  • Grateful for creativity and hobbies.
  • Grateful for my husband and child.
  • Grateful for the space to learn, grow and heal.
  • Grateful to wake up each morning surrounded by the beauty of mountains and desert.
  • Grateful for Artisan Creative.
  • Grateful for my family and all the births that we have had this year.
  • Grateful that we have all been safe and healthy this year.
  • Grateful for Artisan Creative this year for giving me a start in recruiting and the opportunity to join such an amazing organization.
  • Grateful for the people in my life.
  • Grateful for growth and just being able to constantly grow more from where I previously was.
  • Grateful for being more active because I know it will benefit my mental and physical health.
  • Grateful for my cats, who have been my constant WFH companions for the past 11 years.
  • Grateful for the opportunity to work with a dynamic team that brings their best daily.
  • Grateful for being able to work from home where my pets surround me!
  • Grateful I finally finished and published the book I’ve been writing for three years.
  • Grateful for the good health of our parents as they are in their late 80s.
  • Grateful for my morning walks that start at 6 am.
  • Grateful to start traveling again and seeing friends and family who are in faraway places.

We are grateful for our clients and candidates and wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!