Each Thanksgiving holiday season, we gather and share our collective gratitude and celebrate our clients and talent whom we work with all year.

This year, at a time that requires deeper reflection, has brought about ample opportunities to count our blessings.   To create this list, we gathered together (via zoom), focused on our enthusiasm and communication core values to share what is important to us now and what we are grateful for.

Here are the collected gratitudes from members of our Artisan Creative a.team:

  1. Gratitude for working with the finest talent and clients
  2. Gratitude for 25 years of being Artisan Creative
  3. Gratitude for the opportunity to impact careers and change lives
  4. Gratitude for the awareness of the good fortune and the ability to shift our work to the online world and remain connected
  5. Gratitude for the weekly family zoom gathering with our siblings, their families, and our parents (now in their late 80s). We have done this every Sunday for 1 hour without a miss since late March 2020
  6. Gratitude for time to reflect on what matters most in life and work.
  7. Gratitude for early morning walks & weekend hikes
  8. Gratitude for our a.team of amazing co-workers
  9. Gratitude for 11 years of being a remote company
  10. Gratitude for working
  11. Gratitude for good food
  12. Gratitude for our pets who keep us company all-day
  13. Gratitude for the beauty of nature and America’s great outdoors
  14. Gratitude for the love and support of family and friends
  15. Grateful for new hobbies
  16. Grateful for my donkeys
  17. Grateful for staying connected with friends globally
  18. Grateful for personal growth
  19. Grateful for my vibrant health
  20. Grateful for watching the Santa Monica beach sunset (almost) every evening

This would not be possible without the courage and selflessness of frontline workers and those who support our communities from behind the scenes. We share our deepest gratitude to those who work hard, so we can be safe.

We enter this season in optimistic spirits, and we could never thank you all enough!

We wish you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.