We’ve all had them, right?   It’s those days when everything goes wrong from the very start and you find yourself at work and angry at the universe?

You spilled coffee on your new outfit, you’re stuck in what must be the world’s worst traffic, you didn’t get the business you were expecting and/or your boss is not disappointed in the numbers from last month.

Not a great day by any stroke of the imagination, but have no fear.  There are things you can do to try to nip “those days” in the bud!

Keep it to yourself
Yes, it’s fun to tell everybody how awful your day is and, sure, it makes you feel better.  But what does it do to your co-workers and morale? Either they join you in bemoaning their fate (instead of working) or they get annoyed and ignore you (yet another reason to get frustrated).

Figure out what’s really bothering you
While it’s not really productive to wallow in your bad mood, if you can work out what set you off, you can get past it. Take a few minutes to assess the situation and try to get a handle on it.

Take a Break
Go out for a short walk and clear your head. It’s okay. You’re not getting anything productive done anyway.  The different environment could bring the fresh perspective you seek.

Think of a treat
It’s only 10:30 and you’re in a lousy mood. Think of something to treat yourself with later IF you can put your bad mood aside and get busy. There’s nothing like a reward to get us moving. Make sure you really follow through and treat yourself too.

I’m the first person to be sympathetic about a bad day – after work! But while you are there, be productive, be helpful, do your best and everyone will be glad you took a few minutes to get your head on straight.

Wendy Stackhouse, for Artisan Creative