Darcel Danielle

Welcome to the Artisan Podcast where we explore creativity, inspiration and the determination it takes to be an artisan. I’m speaking today to Darcel Danielle, who is a professionally trained actress and stunt performer.

Today she’s going to be talking to us about what it takes to pursue your passion, and what she does on a daily basis to fuel that fire for herself to be able to keep motivated and laser-focused on pursuing this career choice.

She’s been acting for the past 10 years and performing stunts for the past two. She has performed in numerous feature films, short films, commercials, and TV shows, most recently she is performing stunts in HBO’s Watchmen, starring Regina King, and she has on a regular basis, has been the stunt double for Jill Scott on Black Lightning. 

This is such a motivating and inspiring story of passion and determination. Enjoy.

You can find Darcel Danielle on Instagram and Facebook, and on IMDB