We hear a lot on the news about jobs that are disappearing or being outsourced. But what about jobs that are expected to have growth in the coming year?

Artisan Creative actually places talent in 3 of the hottest job categories for 2013:

  1. Social Media Manager—Online marketing gets bigger every year. And these days, no Digital strategy is complete without a business presence on multiple social media platforms. To ensure companies reach as much of their target audience as possible by delivering frequently updated and engaging content, organizations are looking to hire a dedicated resource to develop, implement and manage a comprehensive social strategy for their brand.
  2. Marketing Specialist—Like the Social Media Manager, the Marketing Specialist focuses on particular campaign strategies within a company. This could be Direct Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eCommerce, Product Marketing, or Brand Strategy. Depending on the nature of one’s business, finding experienced marketing professionals with industry-specific skills could come at a premium. Therefore, the trend will most likely continue as companies continue to seek experts.
  3. Web Developer—These days, every company needs a website. And any good website need to be updated. Often. To do so requires some level of front end (and often back end) web development work – from simple HTML/CSS, to more complex Javascript or PHP. Working in conjunction with Web Designers, Web developers help get entrepreneurs started and keep established businesses thriving.

If you are new in the creative job market or thinking of changing careers, keep these fast-growing paths in mind for 2013.

Who knows where they might lead!