With a growing number of employers open to telecommuting positions and more hiring being done from corporate locations based elsewhere in the country or world, many job seekers are finding themselves preparing for interviews via Skype.

As we’ve helped prepare several of our candidates for these types of interviews – we’ve found the following list helpful in preparing:

  1. Monitor your surroundings.  Your computer should be set up in a room that is quiet, well-lit, and clean.  Ensure your background does not have distracting posters, pictures or wallpaper.
  2. Test your equipment.  The night before your interview, ensure your software, microphone, camera, and internet connection are working correctly.  Test your internet connection again 15 minutes before your interview to ensure you’re calling can begin on time.
  3. Dress for success.  This is an interview – dress as you would for a face to face interview – professional and polished, with a hint of personality.
  4. Be prepared.  Like with any interview, make sure you’ve done your research, prepared anecdotes to demonstrate your skills/success, and developed a list of questions and/or talking points to refer to when conversation lulls.
  5. Look at the camera, not at the screen.  When the interview starts, just as in a face to face interview, you want to establish proper eye contact and maintain it throughout the interview.  This helps you better connect with your interviewer.
  6. Prepare your desktop.  If screen-sharing will be part of your interview (perhaps to showcase your portfolio of work or review websites), make sure all other windows, programs, and files are closed.  You should have a professional desktop picture and limited folders on the desktop.
  7. Be Yourself.  Remember, this is your only chance to make a first impression.  Don’t let the technology scare you!  This is about people making a connection.  Let your interviewer(s) see the real you.  Be genuine about your skills/experience and enthusiastic about the opportunity for which you are being considered!

We wish you the best of luck!

Jess Bedford for Artisan Creative