Artisan Creative has always embraced the work-from-home model as one that fosters productivity. And with the many tests thrown our way over the last year, we humbly believe we have mastered boosting productivity through remote work.

Love it or hate it, working from home is not going anywhere, as many companies realize their productivity ROI has increased after leaving employees to work from the comfort of their homes. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some work from home (WFH) productivity hacks that will help you reach your optimal WFH potential:  

  • Reduce Digital Distractions 
  • Define Boundaries 
  • Create Meaningful Daily Habits 
  • Have a Designated Work Area 

Tip #1: Reduce Digital Distractions

Our first tip for increasing productivity while working from home is reducing digital distractions. 

While many of us are glued to our laptops due to the nature of WFH, it is important to limit the number of unnecessary distractions. 

Getting lost in a social media feed is much easier than one might think, and before you know it, you have been mindlessly scrolling for hours!

Or, you feel like taking a break from your work, which is always great for productivity, but get stuck on your favorite online store or catching up with the news. So, why not limit temptation as much as possible. 

One way of doing this is by putting blocks on your internet browsers, such as Freedom, which works on Windows and Mac. 

Adding a browser extension, like Freedom, helps limit distractions by blocking websites, like social media, video games, and shopping, across all of your devices. 

Additionally, turning off all notifications and setting time blocks for checking emails is key.

Hack #2: Define Boundaries 

Our second tip for increasing productivity while working from home is to set boundaries between your non-work life and your work life. 

In other words, when work is over, make a concerted effort to avoid checking your email or do work-related tasks. 

We are more productive after letting our brains rest, allowing for more innovation as our brains process all of the information gathered while actively working. 

Resting our brains also fosters greater creativity and creates efficiency and productivity! Think about how much more productive you feel on a Monday after a weekend filled with rest and play versus on a Friday afternoon! 

Additionally, while working from home, there is a lesser distinction between work-life and home-life. With the current technology, colleagues can contact us with the click of a button at any hour of the day. 

As a manager or member of a team, it is important to value the personal time of your colleagues. For instance, save non-urgent action tasks and questions for work hours. 

Many email platforms allow you to compose your emails and schedule for them to be sent at another time. So if you suddenly remember an important update late at night, you can write your email and prepare it to be in your colleague’s inbox the next morning.

Tip #3: Create Meaningful Daily Habits 

Our third tip for increasing productivity while working from home is creating meaningful daily habits. 

Daily life can sometimes feel repetitive while working from home, as there is no office dynamic, no watercooler conversations, and no spontaneous coffee breaks with colleagues in person. 

Therefore, build a daily routine to ensure that you are productive while working from home and avoid falling into a rut. Build breaks and check-ins with colleagues into your schedule.  At Artisan Creative, we have a Slack channel devoted to personal touch bases so that the team can continue to build community and culture while remote.

One of the most important ways to remain productive and work effectively during the day is by getting good sleep at night.

Sleep deprivation impairs cognitive functions. To achieve peak productivity, prioritize sleep. 

Another daily habit of implementing and increasing productivity is getting up early. If you go to bed early, you can wake up early and get your day started before having to dive into work. 

Getting up early and having a calm morning routine allows you to ease your way into the day without feeling rushed. It will also allow you to do other tasks in the morning, such as working out, which gets your blood and oxygen flowing, or meditation, helping to combat stress and fatigue and increasing focus.  This very simple yet incredibly powerful habit hack sets the tone for the entire day, ensuring productivity and a sense of accomplishment.

Tip # 4: Have a Designated Work Area 

Our fourth tip for optimizing productivity while working from home is creating a designated workspace

While you cannot travel to an office with your colleagues, you can create a workspace separate from your home life and free of distractions. 

By creating a separate workspace, you will be less tempted to switch on the TV or grab a snack every five minutes, distractions that can hurt your productivity. 

Additionally, by designating a room or place for work, you will be able to get in the right headspace. It will help keep work and life separate, ensuring optimal concentration and, therefore, productivity. Not only will having a separate workspace help you concentrate, but it will also keep you from distracting other members of your family or household. 

Similarly, ask your family member or roommates not to interrupt you while in your space, allowing you to maintain workflow. You can do this by creating a work-from-home schedule that details when you will be “in the office” and should not be interrupted. 

We have employed the work-from-home lifestyle for over eleven years. So, we know that you can continue to work remotely with few distractions and optimal productivity with these tips.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 590th