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Editor (Avid & FCP)

Avid & Final Cut Pro (FCP) Editors often work in the television, film and gaming industry and specialize in editing using specialized software. Editors can specialize in long or short-form projects, online and corporate videos, TV segments or feature films. Interchangeable job titles for this role can include Video Editor or Video Producer.

Editors are in charge of taking pieces of already filmed content and manipulating the pieces in a way that seems seamless to the audience. They work closely with production teams in order to pinpoint the needs and specifications of a project and make the creative decisions that are most logical for the final product. Scenes are deliberated over as the editors compare them to the shooting script and base their decisions on a scene’s value and if it maintains the scripts line of focus. Editors will spend much of their time trimming footage segments, piecing them together in a logical sequence, adding music, dialogue, plus graphics and after effects for review as a rough cut before the final cut is ready to be sent off. Editors are in close communication with stakeholders throughout the production and post-production process to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Editors can propel themselves with a bachelor’s degree in film or broadcast, but an Editor who has honed their skills through experience alone can also stand out amongst the candidate crowd. Additional skills that are highly sought for in an Editor are:

  • High proficiency with digital technology and editing software packages (Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut)
  • A strong background showcasing their knowledge in special effects, 3D techniques, and compositing
  • A solid portfolio that highlights their ability to edit a variety of projects
  • Basic understanding of timing, movement, and continuity

Since Editors tend to work in fast-paced industries that are constantly changing with societal trends, they must possess a natural curiosity and desire to discover and apply new editing technologies and stay on top of their industry’s best practices to maximize their efficiency.

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