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E-Commerce Specialist

E-Commerce Specialists measure a website’s analytics, sales, and conversions and create marketing initiatives such as affiliate programs, social media campaigns, SEM and email marketing to increase traffic and sales. They are experts in online sales strategies and various platforms that conduct digital sales and conversions on a company’s website. 

Daily tasks that an E-Commerce Specialist can find themselves working on may range from working on the execution of ad campaigns on search engines and websites to brainstorming how to increase website traffic and improving user experience. Managing site development and ensuring that the e-commerce side of the company’s interest is consistently up-to-date will also be a part of an E-Commerce Specialist’s role. 

The e-commerce industry is prospering, so finding creatives that are specialized in the field is in high demand. There are several skills that one can develop in order to stand out as a stellar E-Commerce Specialist. These include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or a relevant field
  • Knowledge of the retail industry and e-commerce best practices
  • Proficiency in programs such as Google Ads (Shopping Ads) and analytics
  • Proficiency in platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Wix, Squarespace, and Woocommerce
  • A general familiarity with HTML
  • Strong background in SEM and SEO concepts and strategies

An E-Commerce Specialist is a creative expert that other departments and directors turn to in order to gauge the success of a company’s online retail presence. Their thorough analysis and reporting keeps track of changes in online sales, product performance and shopper behaviour. 

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