Content Strategists

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Content Strategists

Content strategists quite literally define the strategy of content. They do this for a brand or business (written or other media) based on goals and business objectives for their customer. They are the creatives that plan, develop, and manage content and can focus on either front-end strategy or on back-end strategy. A content strategist works to know business goals and user needs and deliver clear, relevant content that brings the two together. Content strategists focus on a variety of content channels including social media, websites, infographics, and presentations.

The need for creative thinking is essential for effective content strategists. They must have exceptional copywriting skills as well as visual skills since they must look at the overall content including imagery, information hierarchy that they are given to work with. Content Strategists must then flex their creative minds and work to combine those skills with a clear understanding of the business’ content in order to convey the message to their audience accurately. 

Key areas of focus to keep in mind for Content Strategists include:

    • Strong Content Presentation Skills
    • Compelling Content Delivery Skills
    • Campaign Experience
    • Content Monetization Skills
    • Multitasking and Organizational Skills
    • Analytical Thinkers

With regard to personality, there are key traits that stand out for top Content Strategists as they are working with a brand or business. When they are working to strategize the content, they must genuinely care about the company’s goals and target market. Attention to detail and the ability to remain level-headed under pressure will separate the best Content Strategists from the rest.

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