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Brand Analyst | Brand Researcher

Brand Analysts or Brand Researchers use market research prior to the development of campaigns or new products and services for in-house companies and agencies. They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to consumer trends and identify ways to launch a product into the creative market while ensuring it is in alignment with the overall brand image. 

Brand analysts coordinate with brand managers and brand directors to provide analysis and strategies to achieve all campaign and product objectives. They develop and analyze data on an on-going basis to forecast and recommend best practices for brand positioning.

They investigate the market activity, analyze published data and statistics, evaluate the past performance of a product or brand’s sales, assess future trends, and coordinate research projects. They look at audience segmentation, market definition to understand the marketplace and consumer behavior.

Skills that are essential for creative Brand Analysts and Brand Researchers are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, or same qualifications with relevant work experience
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs (or equivalent program systems)
  • Background with statistical experience and knowledge
  • Ability to predict trend projections for their brand
  • Strong problem solving and client/executive relationship management skills
  • Being conscious of the current market strategies being implemented in their industry
  • Team player, fun to work with and has a sincere interest in strategy, marketing and brands

Tasks that will be the responsibility of Brand Analysts and Brand Researchers often include managing the growth of a portfolio of brands, providing recommendations on a brand’s performance that will lead to continued growth, and working cross-functionally with operations and marketing teams to ensure the brands are reaching growth goals. As the industry changes, Brand Analysts are expected to foresee the trend path and keep the brand fresh and exciting for their audience.

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