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At Artisan Creative, we place talent for freelance and full time positions at advertising agencies, in-house marketing departments, interactive and design firms.
Our expertise is in digital, creative and marketing roles. We place designers and writers who conceptualize and create, UX and UI talent who impact user experience, project and account managers, digital and email marketers, data analysts, SEO experts and social media talent who execute, evaluate and optimize the work.

We recruit and place talent at all levels of experience from junior positions to senior-level executives in the areas listed below.

3D Animator | 3D Renderer

3D Animators create characters, backgrounds and props using computer software, usually programs such as Maya or Cinema 4D. To bring designs to life, 3D animators create textures, modeling and lighting to give the appearance of movement.

3D Renderers take sketches or wireframes of a 3D object and turn it into a 2D model on software such as V-Ray or Autodesk. 3D rendering is a complex part of production where the artist will manipulate the image to give a three-dimensional appearance

Account Director | Account Executive | Account Supervisor

Account teams are skilled communicators and the go-to people for clients. They are responsible for managing a company’s relationship with its clients by setting expectations and planning to ensure objectives are met. They are often the first point of contact and will usually strategize and attend meetings to ensure clients are happy.

Account Manager | Account Planner

Account Managers and Planners build relationships with clients. They don’t direct the account but they do maintain it by keeping deliverables on budget and on track. Account Managers and Planners will liaise between internal teams and clients to keep campaigns or projects on track in a timely manner.

Brand Analyst | Brand Researcher

Brand Analysts and Brand Researchers use market research to develop campaigns or new products and services for in-house companies. They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to consumer trends and identify ways to launch a product into the market while ensuring it is in alignment with the overall brand image.

Brand Manager | Brand Planner

Brand Managers and Brand Planners are focused on brand positioning. They know who to target and where to target by being responsible for a brand’s identity within the market. They know exactly what consumers want and how to build a relationship between them and a product.

Brand Strategist

Brand Strategists work with Brand Managers and Planners to help bridge the gap between how a company wants to be seen and how the consumers actually see them. They ensure that consumers understand the product by getting to know their target audiences up close and personal.

Broadcast Producer

Broadcast Producers are responsible for the production of your favorite TV shows and the smooth running of shows behind the scenes. They manage scheduling, scout for locations and talent and ensure shows run from concept to completion without fault.


Compositors are the final piece of puzzle when it comes to animation. They take layers of images which have previously been constructed (see 3D Rendering) and combine them to create a final image.

Content Strategists

Content Strategists define the strategy of content for a brand or business (written or other media) based on goals and business objectives for their customer. They plan, develop, and manage content and can focus on either front-end strategy or on back-end strate

Copyeditor (Interactive | Broadcast | Print)

Copyeditors check text to ensure consistency, style, accuracy and formatting are correct. They fact-check, look for inconsistencies and make sure copy is error-free.

Copywriter (Interactive Broadcast & Print)

Copywriters write powerful advertising and marketing copy to capture the reader’s attention. Depending on the company, they may work in tandem with an Art Director or work with teams to develop ideas which will sell an idea or a product. Copywriters may specialize in long or short form copy or web, print and broadcast copy. Examples are Ad copy, taglines, website copy, brochure copy, blogs, catalog and product descriptions. Copywriters are also tasked with content development for sites, blogs, articles, social media and PR.

Creative Director (Interactive | Broadcast | Print)

Creative Directors provide an overall vision and concept for a project or campaign. They may pitch and present concept ideas to clients or internal teams and have an innovative and visionary eye for inspiring creativity. They lead design teams and will often mentor and guide teams to produce their concepts. Creative Directors can come from either a copy or a design background.

Creative Services Manager

Creative Services Managers direct and manage a creative team or department along with the overall creative process. They delegate tasks, manage resources and liaise with internal stakeholders. The CSM keeps designers, developers and other creatives motivated while managing multiple projects to keep everyone (and everything) on track.

eCommerce Specialist

E-Commerce Specialists measure a website’s analytics, sales and conversions and create marketing initiatives such as affiliate programs, social media campaigns, SEM and email marketing to increase traffic and sales.

Editor (Avid & FCP)

Editors | Avid & Final Cut Pro Editors often work in the television, film and video industry and specialize in editing using specialized software. Editors can specialize in long or short form projects, online and corporate videos, TV segments or feature films.

Email Marketing

Email Marketers are an integral member of the marketing team. Their focus can include design of email marketing campaigns, deployment, monitoring and analysis of open rates, conversions and customer acquisition.

Front-End Developer

Front-end Developers use often use HTML, CSS and Javascript to program a website, or to integrate with a CMS system. Whereas a designer is more focused on the way a website looks, a front end developer is focused on the way a website works. They use programming languages and coding to instruct a website how to work. Some front end developers hand-code, while other use available open source code.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are design magicians who use a variety of mediums to express a message, whether it’s an advertising campaign, product packaging or marketing material. They are adept at solving problems creatively and usually have a keen eye for colors, fonts and layouts. Graphic designers specialize is print, packaging, brochures, sell sheets and all forms of corporate communications.

HTML5 Developer

HTML5 Developers use HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive sites that perform optimally on the mobile and tablet devices.

Identity & Systems Designer

Identity & Systems Designers create the overall identity for a company. They may design a look and feel, logos and an over-arching brand and vision to allows for the brand to be instantly recognizable. They often create brand and style guidelines and outline identity usage for many formats from print, to web to outdoor and signage


Illustrators create original illustrations. Whether using a computer to create vector-based graphics or traditional drawing, illustrators create logos and characters, backgrounds and original designs to sell an idea or a product

Information Architect

Information Architects create navigational structures for the end user. They take complex information to create content structures which facilitates effective communication on a website. Often they build wireframes to show the flow of information.

Interaction Designer

Interaction Designers understand the needs of a user and a product and create processes to make the interaction with a site or application seamless. Their main focus is to make interactions betweens humans and technology user friendly and functional. They are able to create usable designs which function for both businesses and the user.

Interactive (Digital) Designer

Interactive and Digital Designers create websites and applications and strive to make them more user-friendly and functional. They understand how technology works and aim to create a successful interaction between the two.

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinators support marketing managers and executives and coordinate across marketing campaigns. Their duties may include reporting, producing marketing proposals, strategies and managing budgets.

Marketing Insights / Data Analytics

Marketing Insights or Data Analytics Managers are specialists in the field of analytics and consumer insights with a focus on analyzing market research to collect, deploy and interpret information that allows a business and brands to grow, develop and retain their customer base.

Marketing Manager and Director

Marketing Directors oversee a marketing department and are responsible for ensuring that marketing projects are completed on time and correctly. They will develop and implement marketing plans, strategies and direct marketing efforts.

Marketing Managers plan and manage marketing projects under a marketing director. They do market research for products and services and look for innovative and creative ways to reach intended audiences.

Media Roles (Director, Planner, Strategist)

Media Roles Media Directors, Planners, Strategists and buyers are responsible for media buys and placement in the right space at the right time for the right audience. They study demographics and audience statistics and determine where ads should be placed and then partner with the Media Buyer.

Marketing Managers plan and manage marketing projects under a marketing director. They do market research for products and services and look for innovative and creative ways to reach intended audiences.

Mobile Applications Designer & Developer

Mobile Applications Designer & Developer design the UI and Visual design and develop for mobile apps across multiple platform mobile applications. They provide cohesive design for the small screen to make sure the app is user friendly, easy to use and functional.

Marketing Managers plan and manage marketing projects under a marketing director. They do market research for products and services and look for innovative and creative ways to reach intended audiences.

Motion Graphics Designer

Motion Graphics Designer brings graphic design to life by using animation and visual effects to create an engaging, entertaining video or ad.

Packaging Designer

Package Designers design the look and feel of your favorite products. They carefully consider colors and shapes in order to concept and produce an aesthetically pleasing product.

Presentation Designer

Presentation Designers create presentations using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi. They select colors, fonts, images and layout in order to accurately present information for a meeting or that all-important client pitch. Many also create custom backgrounds, illustrations and animations to incorporate style guides and branded elements.

Product Manager

Product Managers are strategic and business-minded individuals who look at ways in which a product can be marketable and profitable. They research, conduct surveys and look at consumers in order to understand a market. They are brand advocates of their products and often collaborate with other stakeholders to make sure the product message and positioning is consistent across all platforms.

Production Artist

Production Artists work closely with Art Directors and designers to layout and execute on concepts. They ensure that files are layed out, prepped, resized, proofed and optimized for pre-press or web.

Production Coordinator

Production Coordinators usually work under a Production or Project Manager and assist with managing schedules, budgets and ensuring projects are kept on track.

Production Manager

Production Managers are responsible for planning and scheduling a production process. They create proposals, project plans, budget scopes and work with vendors to ensure work is completed on time. They may work in print production or web production.

Proofreader / Editor

Proofreaders | Editors check copy for grammatical errors, changes in font, layout and writing style and ensure it is accurate.

Retoucher / Finisher

Retouchers | Finishers are magicians who perform color corrections, apply filters or combine several graphics to create unique imagery. They ensure that photographs are flawless before being used in a campaign or a design.

SEO / SEM Specialist

SEO | SEM Specialist uses a variety of processes for search engine marketing. They may look at Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click advertising in order to attract new customers. They will use keywords, tracking and web copy in order to build a successful SEM campaign.

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategists research and strategize unique ways to use social media for marketing purposes. They research trends and analytics and will help to support a campaign by building a strategy to reach audiences.

Technology Manager

Technology Managers usually oversee a team of developers or other tech-savvy employees. They understand technical issues and the goals of a client or business and see to it that their team delivers.

Traffic Coordinator

Traffic Coordinators are excellent planners who make sure work is flowing and that there are enough resources to keep to schedules and budgets.

User Experience (UX) Designer

User Experience (UX) Designers explore different approaches of how a product or website should work. They will wireframe (a rough layout) a website or an application based on user research and user testing. They often create personas of a typical user and look at various scenarios of how they may use a website or product.

UX Research

UX Research is often the first step in the user Experience process. UX researchers use a variety of methodologies to provide information and context to the design team. The research step helps pinpoint the user’s needs and or the products functions and requirements. UX research methods include user interviews, usability testing and heuristic evaluation.

Visual and User Interface Designers

Visual and UI Designers create visually engaging designs for the web or applications. They will ensure a brand’s designs are cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. They will have a deep appreciation of colors, layouts and styles plus take into consideration user-centered design.

Web Analytics Specialist

Web Analytics Specialists Use analytics of a website to increase traffic and make improvements. They look at conversion rates, website visitors and traffic sources. They will collate details and make improvements to allow for company growth and profitability.

Web Applications Designer & Developer

Web Applications Designers & Developers create features and designs for a web application. Whereas a web designer is designing a website and often has a lot of space to play with, a Web Application Designer must consider functionality and use what little space they have to create a useful design.

Web Applications Developers build apps using programming languages. They will work closely with designers, use testing to look for software improvements and ensure there are no errors so the app works correctly.

Web Designer

Web Designers design websites so that they are functional, easy to use and look good for the user. They use colors, fonts, layouts and images to display content.

Web Applications Developers build apps using programming languages. They will work closely with designers, use testing to look for software improvements and ensure there are no errors so the app works correctly.

Web Developer (CMS)

Web Developers are the ones who make a website fully functional. They write programming languages in order to make sure the website works as it should. They use front end technologies to create and or update web pages or CMS site.

Web Applications Developers build apps using programming languages. They will work closely with designers, use testing to look for software improvements and ensure there are no errors so the app works correctly.

Web Producer

Web Producers define the expectations of a website then ensure that those expectations are delivered. They may oversee a team of web designers and developers, manage the content across the site, ensure that the site is optimized for SEO/SEM and that it has a great user experience.

Web Applications Developers build apps using programming languages. They will work closely with designers, use testing to look for software improvements and ensure there are no errors so the app works correctly.