Media Roles

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Media Roles

Media Buyers focus on media buys and negotiate for the best budget and placement for their clients.  In brief they negotiate media placement in the right space at the right time for the right audience and for the right budget. Depending on whether the media placement is for social, broadcast or traditional, they work closely with other members of the team to determine placement and cadence. Media buyer roles are available in both Media agencies, or within a creative industry or corporate entity who focuses on advertising their products and can be either targeted such as on social, or focus on an omni-channel approach.

Media Directors identify and articulate their client’s needs. They are in charge of creating, maintaining, and analyzing marketing and media plans. The Media Directors will build and maintain the company’s relationships with their client. They are also responsible for keeping their finger on the pulse of the industry trends. They study demographics and audience statistics and determine where ads should be placed and then partner with others on the team.  They evaluate their client’s ad spend budgets, timelines and goals.

Requirements for Media Directors:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration or similar field
  • A background that showcases experience with building effective advertising campaigns
  • Familiarity with digital marketing
  • Working knowledge of analytics tools (e.g. GfK MRI, Moat, and Nielsen IMS)
  • Experience with budget planning and KPIs
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Strong leadership skills

Media Planners are responsible for the production of financial and media plans and forecasts. They will undertake research relevant to their projects and analyze and interpret the data found. Media Planners will be the liaisons with clients, consumers, and the advertising team. Any briefs that are produced for media buyers are typically done by Media Planners.

Common requirements for Media Planner roles are

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, math, or market research. 
  • Strong background in market research and advertising
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills and knowledge of demographic behavior

Media Strategists plan and execute media partnerships focusing on content development. They are tasked with monitoring trends, tools, opportunities, and applications for media environments of a company or brand. They will work to both develop and present media-specific documents such as RFPs, media plans, objectives, and other related functions. Media Strategists are in charge of managing the daily communication with their key partners with a project.

Requirements for Media Strategists are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or similar relevant field
  • Strong knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social media platforms
  • Practical knowledge of SEO and web traffic metrics
  • Solid understanding of social media KPIs
  • Strong strategy and analytics background
  • In depth knowledge of industry trends, demographics and user behaviour

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