Interaction Designer

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Interaction Designer

Interaction Designers understand the needs of a user or product and create processes to make the interaction with a site or application seamless. Their main focus is to make interactions between humans and technology user-friendly and functional. They are able to create usable designs that function for both businesses and the user.

Interaction Designers are creatives who work from start to finish with regard to the full design process. They are the ones who are in charge of analyzing business problems and designing solutions to those problems. They also work closely in collaboration with user researchers in order to present findings to their team. These findings will include user insights, identified opportunities, validated concepts, and socialized ideas. 

Common requirements needed by Interaction Designers are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, or other relevant areas of study
  • Current/relevant experience with digital interactive product design trends
  • Deep knowledge of HTML, XML, CSS, ActionScript, JavaScript, Webkit and CMS systems
  • Proficiency in latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite and Axure
  • A portfolio that showcases a variety of work
  • Confidence to illustrate and prototype concepts quickly (or as needed)

Since the ultimate goal for Interaction Designers are to make site or application interactions seamless (or “easy”), they must be strong, confident communicators since they will be conveying their findings on interaction designs to different audiences like engineers, management, and potential customers.

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