Information Architect

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Information Architect

Information Architects take complex information to create content structures that facilitate effective communication. Often they build wireframes to show the flow of information and create navigational structures for the end-user.

Information Architects transform the information they gather into workable data to share with various teams. They focus on researching and analyzing user needs, motivations, content consumption, and objectives and they categorize the data accordingly so it’s easy to navigate and understand.

This also includes creating data models and user scenarios to explain workflow and intended user navigation. As an Information Architect, organizing the information gathered into a media structure is paramount. The data they compile is often coordinated with information brought to the table by business, technology, visual, and brand strategists.

Many of the skills needed by Information Architects are required through specific training programs. Impressive Information Architects will have skills such as:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Graphic/Visual Arts, Library and Information Science, Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Sciences, Marketing, Industrial Design, Fine Arts, or a related area
  • Strong knowledge of site design; mastery in principles of Web Design
  • Strong knowledge of user interface design processes and methodology
  • Working knowledge of User-Centered Design Principles and Practices
  • Visio/Omnigraffle proficiency
  • Awareness of multiple browser limitations and features, and web standards
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Daily tasks performed by Information Architects can include performing a content audit, participating in stakeholder interview calls, and developing sitemaps and wireframes. It can also entail working on their client’s website and modifying user flow interactions such as personal data and other informational input modifications. Some roles for Information Architects will have them performing site audits on large sites, mapping content to the requirements of new sites and developing the site maps.

Other job titles that may be used in lieu of Information Architect are Project Architect, Data Architect, and Lead Enterprise Architect.

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