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Email Marketer

Email Marketers are an integral member of a company’s marketing team. Their main focus can include the design of email marketing campaigns, deployment, monitoring and analysis of open rates, conversions and customer acquisition. They are experts in the form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of commercial and/or fundraising communication to their audience. 

Other titles that may encompass Email Marketer are Email Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Specialist, Demand Generation Manager, Campaign Manager, and Campaign Delivery Lead.

Standard requirements for the role of Email Marketers typically include the following:

  • Hands-on experience with HTML and content management system (CSM) programs such as WordPress, Sitefinity, Kentico, and Mura
  • Proficiency in marketing automation technology (MAT) programs such as CM Commerce, MailChimp, Eloqua, and Marketo
  • Knowledge of SEO/SEM and Google Analytics
  • Familiarity with analytical and database tools such as Python, Apache Storm, and Tableau
  • A solid background that highlights their written communication and copywriting skills
  • Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing or relevant field

Email Marketers are in charge of identifying a company or brand’s target audience and designing direct email marketing campaigns to grow their email list, making sure that the messages sent are prompt and accurate as to minimize the level of unsubscriptions. Their knowledge and expertise in the various software programs ensure that email templates are compatible across various platforms such as desktop, tablets, and mobile apps. Email Marketers will find that having formidable experience in copywriting and copyediting will provide them with the skills they need to proofread their emails or newsletters for clarity, proper grammar, and correct spelling. They will also be expected to analyze their campaign’s performance, provide suggestions for improvements when needed, and report on sales revenue that has been generated from the efforts accomplished through their email marketing endeavors.

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