Creative Services Manager

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Creative Services Manager

Creative Services Managers direct and manage a creative team or department along with the overall creative process. They delegate tasks, manage budgets and resources and liaise with internal stakeholders such as Art Directors, designers, account and traffic managers. The Creative Services Manager (or CSM) keeps designers, developers, producers6 and other creatives motivated while managing multiple projects to keep everyone and everything on track. 

They are the ones who are responsible for the creative output and leadership of the teams that they are managing – from inception to completion including budgeting and resourcing. Examples of projects that Creative Services Managers work on can range from websites, marketing campaigns to setting up advertising campaigns for broadcast, print, digital and social media. 

The Creative Service Manager is involved in shaping ideas, coordinating vision plans with other department leads, and taking direct leadership with design teams to complete a brand’s project.

Additional skills 

  • Bachelor’s degrees in areas such as advertising, promotions, and marketing
  • Familiarity with current creative software programs such as Adobe Creative suite, and project management tools
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills

The most efficient Creative Services Managers understand that they must develop a strong skillset in the areas of interpersonal communications, creativity, decision-making, organizational, and analytical thinking and make sure to keep them sharp as the trends in their industry dictate. 

Other titles that are used interchangeably with Creative Services Manager may include Advertising Manager, Product Manager, and Marketing Manager. 

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