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Creative Director (Interactive | Broadcast | Print)

Creative Directors are at the helm of creativity for their company and design team. They provide the overall vision and concept for a project, campaign for brand launch. They may pitch and present concept ideas to clients or internal teams and have an innovative and visionary eye for inspiring creativity. 

They lead design teams and will often mentor and guide teams to produce their concepts. Creative Directors can come from either a copy or a design background and can be both conceptual where they strategize and lead the initiative, as well as be hands-on where they execute on the concepts.  They may work on digital and print projects.

Creative Directors are in charge of planning advertising, overseeing the creative process and giving guidance to the creative people that work with them.  They approve all of the work created by their staff and present concepts to internal and external stakeholders. The ultimate interest for Creative Directors is making sure the creative vision process stays true to the brand throughout the entire process of a project. 

Alternative titles that a Creative Director may be listed as Design Director, Chief Creative, Creative Lead, or Head Creative. Despite the variation of title choices in the industry, they all have the same skillset required.

The most versatile Creative Directors have the ability to showcase a portfolio that includes print, digital, broadcast, social and strategy. Some requirements that stellar Creative Directors all tend to have are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the creative field or relevant work experience in the creative field
  • A highly trained artistic eye with an emphasis on fine detail, color theory, and alignment
  • The ability to create and bring an aesthetic for a company’s brand to life visually
  • EXpertise in Adobe Creative Suite and the latest design technologies

Projects that Creative Directors lead can be interactive, broadcast, and print. Examples in each of these areas would be projects such as advertisements, print publications, product packaging, key art, and websites. Industries that rely heavily on the leadership of Creative Directors include advertising, marketing, public relations firms, print and online publications, design companies, the entertainment industry, and even corporate verticals such as insurance, healthcare, and finance.

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