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Copywriters are the proud language geeks of the creative business world. They have a love and deep appreciation for the art of the written word and are often time avid readers, forever trying to satisfy their linguistic curiosity. They write powerful advertising and marketing copy to capture the reader’s attention. Depending on the company, they may work in tandem with an Art Director or work with creative teams to develop ideas that will sell an idea or a product.

Fundamental skills every copywriter should have are:

  • High level of understanding of the English language (or of the language is that primary for the copy)
  • Strong eye for detail
  • Refined writing skills
  • A wide vocabulary
  • Research skills
  • Familiarity with official writing styles
  • The ability to see various points of view
  • The ability to create something new, even if it’s old

Creative copywriters deliver the words and verbal content that accompany the visual elements of a company’s message. They usually are in close partnership with art directors and can have plenty of input to the visual elements involved in projects. Copywriters may specialize in long or short-form copy or web, print, and broadcast copy. Examples are Ad copy, taglines, website copy, brochure copy, blogs, catalog and product descriptions. Copywriters are also tasked with content development for sites, blogs, articles, social media, and PR. 

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