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Copy Editor (Interactive | Broadcast | Print)

Copy editors are creatives who are naturally passionate about language and grammar. They understand that language is fluid and changes often and they relish the challenge to grow along with it in their work. Copy editors are the grammatical gatekeepers of the creative world. They read over content – or copy – and check an already-written piece of content for several aspects including accuracy, brevity, grammar, style, and voice. A Copy Editor makes sure that the copy is readable and accurate for their intended audience. Copy Editors in the creative world are needed for a variety of industries such as corporate, gaming, beauty, mobile apps – from large corporations to start-ups just beginning. They can edit websites, TV scripts and brochures. 

Skills that are necessary for Copy Editors include:

    • Good judgment
    • Detail-orientation
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Writing skills
    • Creativity

Oftentimes Copy Editors can find themselves working closely with a company’s content team and collaborating with their story editors and producers. They must be able to work with a deep understanding of language in order to maintain a consistent tone of voice across all copy. Having the ability to exercise excellent editorial judgment is also a useful skill to possess. The end copy product must ring true for the message and brand presented by the company that they are representing.

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