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Brand Strategist

Brand Strategists are creatives who work with Brand Managers and Planners to help bridge the gap between how a company wants to be seen and how the consumers actually see them. They ensure that consumers understand the product by getting to know their target audiences up close and personal. A Brand Strategist will develop positioning recommendations, guide marketing research analysis and define brand elements and tone. They will try to find ways to further enhance the branding of a product or service and develop a marketing plan through analysis of current market data and trends. Brand Strategists are needed in various creative verticals including, but not limited to: finance, healthcare, gaming, and lifestyle companies.

So what does a successful and effective Brand Strategists usually need to advance in the creative world? Some skills that will help them along the way are:

  • a Bachelor’s degree and a background of coursework in areas such as business, marketing, management, and finance
  • a persuasive and a good negotiator
  • resilient enough to deal with their ideas being rejected
  • having the ability to clearly communicate (both verbally and in writing) analytical concepts

Not only do Brand Strategists conduct research – but they also bring to light actionable insights, develop and present strategies and are exceptional storytellers for their brand. They collaborate with creative teams, participate in client meetings and lead ideation sessions. Many of these sessions will include working very closely with marketing to conceptualize brand ideas. If a company’s brand includes utilizing social media to further their message, the Brand Strategist will also be deliberating with social media coordinators to capitalize on reaching their intended demographic.

In order for a company to find the right Brand Strategist, they need to define the project with as much detail and documentation as possible. It is then that the Brand Strategists will shine as they take the helm and lead the project to success.

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