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 Brand Manager | Brand Planner

Brand Managers and Brand Planners are focused mainly on brand positioning. They know who to target and where to target by being responsible for a brand’s identity within the market. They know exactly what consumers want and how to build a relationship between them and a product by working closely with creative teams to pinpoint trends. They also overall plan, develop and direct marketing efforts to increase the value and performance of a specific brand, service or product. Brand Managers and Brand Planners must focus on developing a brand’s profit and loss performance, image, and positioning compared to competitors. They sustain brand principles transversely through a company’s marketing initiatives and communications.

Skills that successful Brand Managers and Brand Planners must possess are:

    • Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing, or the equivalent amount of relevant marketing experience prior to being hired
    • Strategic creativity to balance structure and innovation using their own creative strategies
    • The ability to justify branding efforts with quantitative reasoning
    • Strong communication practices to ensure open channels between departments
    • The ability to immerse themselves in order to grasp the presence of their brand
  • The ability to adapt and push the company’s brand forward when faced with changes

Having a Bachelor’s degree in business or science can set candidates apart when applying for the position of Brand Manager and Brand Planner. However, not having a college degree is not an immediate deal-breaker; if you have a significant amount of work experience in business management positions, this can oftentimes keep a candidate in the running.

The efforts of Brand Managers and Brand Planners influence both internal and external communication and are essential to the company’s image. Success in these roles creates lasting impressions by producing the right brand image and is crucial for any business looking to achieve their goals and thrive among the competition. They are imperative to every layer of a refined operation.

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