It’s once again time for our annual Thanksgiving holiday blog celebrating and sharing our collective gratitude for health, family, and friendship as well as gratitude for our amazing clients, candidates, and teammates.

Here are Artisan Creative’s 23 gratitudes for 2023:

1. Grateful for an amazing and supportive team.

2. Grateful for a determined and driven spirit.

3. Grateful for a conscious effort to focus on the good in everyday.

because perception shapes our reality.

4. Grateful for the gift of each new day.

5. Grateful for the opportunity to move somewhere new and have new life experiences!

6. Grateful for my wonderful husband.

7. Grateful and blessed with so many things in life, and I’m glad that we’re able to share them and give back to our parents.

8. Grateful for my daughter – she’s our inspiration and we are so thankful for having her.

 9. Grateful for international travel and visiting distant relatives

10. Grateful for vibrant fall sunsets.

11. Grateful for my family and close friends and all the love and support.

12. Grateful for good health!

13, Grateful for strong family and friends.

14. Grateful for being with Artisan Creative for 28 years.

15. Grateful for life and the freedom to enjoy life.

16. Grateful for infinite possibilities.

17. Grateful for focusing more on my physical health.

18. Grateful for my partner and us celebrating another milestone together.

19. Grateful for our and the new team members who joined us this year.

20. Grateful for working from home and my furry companions.

21. Grateful for loving relationships

22. Grateful to connect with incredibly talented creatives every day.

23. Grateful for collaborating with dedicated and passionate recruiters and hiring managers.


We are grateful for you and wish you a happy and healthy holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!