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Artisan Creative is here to help you find the right talent for your team and assignment. Our creative professionals specialize in UX/UI and Visual Design, Graphic & Packaging Design, Web and Print Production, Copywriting and Content Creation, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, and more for both Freelance (FL) or Full Time (FT) positions.  Click here for a list of the roles we place.

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  Andrea | Copywriter | Full-time or Freelance

Andrea has 10 years of copywriting experience. She has worked in various capacities within PR and marketing and considers her expertise writing national press releases, editorial copy for print and digital, website content including landing pages, product copy, FAQs, catalogs, and proposals. In her most recent role as Copywriter/Communications Manager at a beauty company, Andrea is in a hybrid role which includes copywriting and analytics. She has a knack for writing digestible content as well as creating a young and fresh tone that targets millennials. She is available immediately.

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  Bridgette | Sales Manager | Full-time or Temp-to-Hire

Bridgette has 15 years of professional experience in strategic sales and supply chain within consumer goods and retail. She is skilled in sales, retail, category management and market share data analysis with a strong knowledge of finance and PNL. She has managed a team of sales analysts for a large retailer and is working directly with buyers and customers on promotional planning and presenting on market share and trend perspectives. She has worked with many big-box retailers and enjoys the challenge and thrill of sales and obtaining new business relationships. She is available to interview immediately.

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  Cory | Senior Art Director | Full-time or Freelance

Cory is a senior art director with over 10 years of experience in advertising, marketing, and branding. He has strong integrated campaign work and has designed for broadcast, print, packaging, and light digital for clients in the food & beverage, packaged goods, fashion, and retail space. He is a hands-on leader with a keen eye for brands that target the millennial market. Cory is fun, friendly, and has a great team mentality.

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  Darla | Concept Artist | Full-time or Freelance

Darla is a concept artist with experience in the themed entertainment space. Her expertise is providing concept art for theme parks, however, she is also interested in furniture design and emerging tech. Darla has strong 3D and illustration skills and is proficient in Photoshop, Rhino, Illustrator, Fusion360, SolidWerks, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. She also hands-on on experience working with fabrics, materials, printing, and manufacturing. Darla is interested in freelance opportunities in themed entertainment, hospitality, and tech.

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  Erin | Graphic Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Erin is a graphic designer new to Los Angeles from New York. She has great experience in the fashion, editorial, and music industries and is currently providing design and art direction for the creative agency of a large Grammy award-winning artist. There, she provides design for tour materials, branded content, social media, books, photography, decks, and much more. Her strength is in photo and print and she brings a sharp and edgy editorial eye to all her work.

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  Helen | Digital Designer | Full-time or Freelance

Helen is a digital designer with strong conceptual abilities and a sharp strategic approach. She has a wide range of digital skills including web, mobile, user interface, user experience, as well as branding and art direction. Helen has spent a large part of her career in lean and agile teams working for large enterprise level clients. In most of her roles, she has been the sole or one of two designers responsible for coming up with strategic direction and relaying those concepts to developers, UX designers, and stakeholders. She is a firm believer in creating beautiful products that carry meaning and purpose. She is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe XD, InVision, Axure, Sketch, and more.

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  Kimberly | Sr Social Media Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Kimberly has spent the last decade working for a high-end retailer as their digital content and social media manager. She is part of a small team and wears many hats including handling all aspects of social media, digital marketing, and writing digital content for paid marketing. Additionally, she manages the CMS for the website, driving all strategy and execution for the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. She is skilled in social data analytics and reporting and enjoys finding opportunities for adding new tactics and strategies to enhance the brand. Her strengths and passion are in social engagement and increasing brand awareness. She is available immediately.

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  Lacy | Social Media Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Lacy is a mid-senior level social media manager and has worked mainly within the music and entertainment industries. She has worked on many large sports events and awards shows where she handles everything from partnerships, content creation to analytics, and influencer marketing. She brings a strong work ethic, enthusiasm, strategic thinking and attention to detail when faced with short deadlines and long hours. She is available for her next assignment or full-time role and can interview immediately.

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  Natasha | Creative Services/Project Manager | Full-time or Freelance

Natasha is a project management leader who has successfully delivered integrated campaigns within advertising agencies and in-house for a major corporate client. Her skills include managing full lifecycle projects across digital, web, video, social and print using Agile and Scrum. Natasha is an upbeat, organized individual and available immediately for full-time or freelance opportunities.

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  Pearl | Branding Designer | Freelance Only

Pearl is a branding designer with strong experience creating identity and branding for the hospitality space. She has worked on the full cycle of branding from coming on board when it was just an idea or taking on an established brand and providing a refresh. Once the logo is created, Pearl then applies this to all print and digital assets and works closely with developers to refresh the website. She loves having creative freedom and enjoys working with brands who are not afraid to take a leap. She is currently available for freelance opportunities near the westside.

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